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Early Season Hunting

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WV DoeWith a busy work schedule, preparing for hunting season, having kids who play sports and a whole list of other responsibilities, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with a bi-weekly blog. Now that it’s hunting season, I know it’s going to be even more difficult (at least in the early season). I’m just like most of you…I hunt when I can and where I can. I get to work a few minutes earlier each day and find myself not wanting to leave the office for an hour lunch break. I typically run out and grab something (or brown bag it) and just eat at my desk, then when 4pm rolls around, I’m out the door and on my way to a deer stand.Nice buck feeding


Those last few hours in the day in late September and early October can really produce a lot of deer sightings. Deer that are potentially still on a feeding pattern, still using field edges during the cool evenings and especially deer that haven’t been pressured by a lot of hunters in the woods. These ‘knowns’ can be used to our advantages during the early season, but I caution you to not be too aggressive yet. Sure, the early season is when I love to get out and shoot does. Filling the freezer is always a lot of fun and it’s a GREAT tune up, hunting situation test, for when that buck does step into range.



Deer feedingGetting too aggressive and hunting your best spots can certainly leave you wondering in early December…”What Happened To My Deer Season???” I’m not saying that if you have the right wind and everything is setup perfect to hunt that spot that you should still stay out of there. That would be dumb! But if you don’t have the right wind and it’s not setup perfectly, I would urge you to hang back. A buck will quickly turn nocturnal on you if he even thinks he’s being hunted so use caution on your best spots early season. Simply hunting other spots that are easy to access and leave without alerting the deer can produce some GREAT early season action.



The issue I think most hunters have is simply lack of hunting ground or stands to go to. Some of you may only have one small piece of property with one stand on it. I used to be WV Doein that situation and I completely understand. If this is you…then hunt. Our sport is there to enjoy no matter what your acreage is so I simply urge you to get out there and enjoy it. God created all this for us, but I think he had all us hunters in mind when he created Fall. J



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